Mental Health When It Comes to Black Youth

Mental health symbol conceptual design isolated on white background
Mental health symbol conceptual design isolated on white background

Too often I’ve heard that there is a myth that when Black children misbehave, it’s only because of issues at home or they’re simply troublemakers. Young Black girls are written off as children with attitude problems that are expected of them, meanwhile Black boys are claimed to be troublemakers no matter how disruptive they are. Even within the Black community, unfortunately, older Black women are assumed to be angry all the time and older Black men are emasculated if they do not meet the standards of the “strong” character they’re supposed to have. As a young woman in college struggling with depression and identity issues, I feel that the conversation surrounding the behavior of Black children and young adults need to shift. Mental health is a thing, it is possible for anyone (no matter what they’re background is) to be coming to terms with any disorder. Especially in this time-frame where Black youth are revealed to the truth of still existing racism and are charged to react, there has to be a discussion on the consequences of such shock and responsibility. I call on the older Black community to take into consideration the fact that we need them to be there for us and understand that our minds are more complex than believed to be.


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