#BeingBlackOnline Pt. 2

Although there have been some perks to #BeingBlackOnline, there are still some challenges to maintain that presence or keep the same motivation. For one thing there is always the chance of being bullied by commenters for making sarcastic posts about beloved events or celebrities that reveal the ugly truth. Then on the darker side, there is the possibility of being attacked by racist sinners who think that it’s okay to make death threats, rape threats, and harass someone’s inbox. Below is an excerpt from an article written in 2014 on xojane.com:

“The first time I was trolled was back in 2010. After watching Andrew Breitbart destroy Shirley Sherrod’s career, I fired off an angry tweet and he retweeted it, inviting thousands of his followers to defend his honor.

And defend they did. I was a number of ‘dumb black bitches’ and ‘stupid ni**er bitches,’with a few ‘dumb c**ts’ thrown in for good measure. My mentions were a crime scene for hours.”


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